Currently ranked 4th on rejuvenationolympics.com for epigenetics, but still have a long
way to go in terms of optimizing health. Had some chronic issues a few years ago!

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Weekly: Grocery delivery from Instacart 

• Wakeup without an alarm, breathe through nose, get natural sun
• Tape mouth with medical tape ($7.49) when not eating or socializing.

• Bathroom break, cold bath
• Spray rosemary water on scalp for hair growth. Soak this rosemary ($4.08) in water, then strain ($4.39) it.

• Oral: Oral-B io Series 9 TootBrush ($249), tongue scraper ($8.99), Primal Life Mineral Toothpaste ($9.97).
Scheduled drinking of 500ml Acqua Panna water ($3.19), 1st time

Batch cook the day's food in a steamer ($159)

• Bend Upside Down for 1 min

Stretch muscles

• Dance until sweating
• At least 30 minutes of cardio for a high heart rate
Exercise with gym equipment, workout bands ($9.99) and adjustable weights ($189) if you don't have access to machines 
drink 500ml Acqua Panna water ($3.19), 2nd time

• Wash face, then put ice from a tray ($16) on your face and neck

• Face lotion: apply fresh aloe vera gel ($2.69) and carrot seed oil ($9.99) 

• Take 34 probiotic strains ($39)

• Weekly: Boil decaf green tea leaves ($4.49), ashwaghanda root ($14.20), tumeric (14.99), and ginger (14.98)

• Version 1: beef bone broth (25g protein) ($8.99), 2 eggs (12g protein), Blueprint olive oil ($37.50), 50g raw broccoli sprouts, 1 raw tomato, 1 raw avocaodo, chia seeds ($18.99)
• Version 2: Blend Smoothie with Nutribullet ($110), including parsley ($1.69) to increase NAD, cacao powder ($10.99), ceylon cinnamon ($6.11), pomegranate ($6.99), blueberries, arugla, 27g chia seeds ($18.99)
•  Chew slowly to absorb nutrients


Waterpik ($22.99) all tooth gaps post-meal
 Bend Upside Down for 1 min, Drink 500ml Acqua Panna water water 3rd time 

• Whenever possible, use food as light makeup: beet juice ($18.44) with a q-tip ($5.99) as lipstick, apply cacao powder as bronzer to avoid chemicals
• Work with good posture and look far away every 20 minutes

• Bathroom break

• Eye aging: consume foods like kale ($2.29) with lutein and zeazanthin, do eye exercises, look far distance, continue to do research
• Go outside to do grounding + get weak sun, min 30 min, look far away

• Version 1: 165g Salmon ($16.50) (40g protein), extra virgin olive oil ($24.10),  pomegranate ($6.99), blueberries ($5.99),  arugla, 27g sesame seeds ($9.99) for calcium, ($9.27), 1 cup kale, 50g micro broccoli 
• Version 2: 200 Halibut, extra virgin olive oil ($37.50), 100g wild rice blend ($14.99) with 27g sesame seeds ($9.99) for calcium, 1 cup carrots, 50g micro broccoli
•  Chew slowly to absorb nutrients

Waterpik ($22.99) all tooth gaps post-meal
• Do a therapy:
• 7 day rotation of therapies
• Monday: Steam Room
• Tuesday: Red light therapy with red light panels ($889)
• Wednesday: Infrared Sauna ($1899)
• Thursday: Steam room
• Friday: Red light therapy with red light panels ($889)
• Saturday: Normal sauna
• Sunday: Massage
 Bend Upside Down for 1 min


• Version 1:  50g Beef liver ($4.99) (10g protein), Bone marrow ($7.99), 100g broccoli, 100g carrots, flax seeds ($3.86)
• Version 2: Bison meat with liver and heart ($14), balsamic vinegar, sauerkraut,  flax seeds ($3.86)
• Optional Choice of fruits: Red Grapes, Papaya, Blueberries, Blackberries, Raspberries, Fresh Orange Juice, Fresh Coconut water
•  Chew slowly to absorb nutrients

Waterpik ($22.99) all tooth gaps post-meal

• Bathroom break

• Oral: Oral-B io Series 9 TootBrush, tongue scraper ($3.97), Primal Life Mineral Toothpaste ($9.97).

• Hair: • rosemary ($2.99) water for hair growth, scalp massages, • Wash hair once a week with raw eggs ($3.49). Use cacao powder ($10.99) as natural dry shampoo

• Skin: apply retinol ($12.59) once a week

• 1 min slow, deep breathing outside

• 14 hour overnight fast, tape mouth with medical tape ($7.49)

• Sleep at 10:00 pm: HEPA medical filter ($88.99), lightweight eye mask ($35) or blackout blinds ($31), noise-cancelling silicon earplugs ($14.99), warm blankets, onsie, optimize sleep score with the Oura ring ($299) sleep tracker

(PS: will start supplements once my results won't change any further with current routine)


• Buy a backpack with a cooler compartment ($26.99), so you can meal prep and bring food for the day with ice.

•  Most importantly, do not forget to test what you are doing to see if it's actually working.
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Do you live in the US? You can msg me at @itsJenvel on Telegram and i'll let you know what in- person events I'm going to -- to meet there!