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Biohacking is not about just about me or you. We need to do it as a civilization to cure aging in our own bodies and in the human species; to prevent our own extinction. 

My site will be completely revamped soon graphically, ideologically, and with my updated routine. We're also building a collective roadmap on how to make it to the max lifespan in the Ageless Civilization group with biohacking + biotech, so that the good humans who want it can make it to age 150, 200, and beyond etc. For the latest updates, join our Telegram group.

More about me:
- Biohacking Epigenetics: in 4th place Rejuvenation Olympics (Scroll down to see my biohacking list - not fully updated yet, site revamp coming soon)
- Body Replacement: I believe this is the solution to live for centuries, whereas our biohacking is only for years - If you're interested in investing in a portfolio of companies direct message Telegram @itsJenvel.
- AI and automation: I'm super into automating anything work/personal to create more time for longevity.


TWITTER: @itsJenvel  (don't post much yet, will soon!)
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I've come to learn that every consumer makes choices by choosing their sweet spot between: faster, better, cheaper, and the least risky. Still optimizing my decisions every day!

Grocery delivery: Instacart, (saves me an estimated 3 hours a week from in-person shopping)
Or healthy meal delivery services: (saves me an estimated 14h from cooking/cleaning if I were to make the identical recipes)

• Wakeup without an alarm, breathe through nose, get natural sun
• Tape mouth with medical tape ($7.49) when not eating or socializing.

• Bathroom break, cold bath or shower if no time
• Spray rosemary water on scalp for hair growth. Soak this rosemary ($4.08) in water, then strain ($4.39) it.

• Oral: Oral-B io Series 9 TootBrush ($249), tongue scraper ($8.99), Primal Life Mineral Toothpaste ($9.97).
 Drink 500ml Acqua Panna water ($3.19), 1st time

Batch cook the day's food in a steamer ($159) or order healthy delivery life is too busy.

Waterpik ($22.99) all tooth gaps post-meal

• Oral: Oral-B io Series 9 TootBrush ($299) (the best toothbrush to me for the price!), tongue scraper ($3.97)

• 1 min slow, deep breathing 

• 14 hour overnight fast, tape mouth with medical tape ($7.49)

• Sleep at 10:00 pm: HEPA medical filter ($88.99), lightweight eye mask ($35) or blackout blinds ($31), noise-cancelling silicon earplugs ($14.99), warm blankets, onsie,  Oura ring ($299) sleep tracker

- 34 probiotic strains
- L- Glutamine ($23) from Pure Encapsalations to prevent or heal intestinal permeability/leaky gut
- lutein and zeazanthin supplement ($9.99)
- A multivitamin with vitamin D (Deciding on brain brand)
- Take Vitality Boost (CODE: LIFESPAN in the cart for 10%), which is NMN but with 3 other ingredients synergistically giving you more energy
- More to come..! 


Stretch muscles
• At least 30 minutes of cardio for a high heart rate, whether dance or sweating
Exercise with gym equipment, workout bands ($9.99) and adjustable weights ($189) if you don't have access to machines or are too lazy 

•  Acqua Panna water (around 2.69 a bottle)
• I travel and shift around too much to have a water filter or even a to-go filter, I need something quick convenient.
Don't want to use plastic for microplastics so this water is glass! Sometimes will use
Path water as well. Unsure about the food grade coating inside the alumnimum bottle, still yet to email/contact them. 


• Wash face, then put ice from a tray ($16) on your face and neck when possible

Apply fresh aloe vera gel ($2.69) and carrot seed oil ($9.99)
Apply retinol ($12.59) or Allastin's restore cream (link to come) several times a week

• Hair: • rosemary ($2.99) water for hair growth, scalp massages, • Wash hair once a week with raw eggs ($3.49). Use cacao powder ($10.99) as natural dry shampoo
Bend upside down for 1 min for blood flow  


• Take 34 probiotic strains ($39)
Take L- Glutamine ($23) from Pure Encapsalations to prevent or heal intestinal permeability/leaky gut 


• Whenever possible, use food as light makeup: beet juice ($18.44) with a q-tip ($5.99) as lipstick, apply cacao powder as bronzer to avoid chemicals. Unforutantely this makeup doesn't last long, so I still have to use normal products when I need it to last.

• Work with good posture and rest eyes every 20 minutes, using a computer program that alerts me

MY EYES (they were are already bad!)
 consume foods like kale ($2.29) with lutein and zeazanthin, do eye exercises, look far distance, continue to do research
•  consume  lutein and zeazanthin supplement ($9.99)
• Go outside to do grounding + get weak sun, min 30 min, look far away

• Steam Room
• Red light therapy. You can go to a facility or get red light panels ($889)
Infrared Sauna ($1899)
• Normal sauna
• Massage

MY BREAKFAST OPTIONS (Several times a week):
•  Boil decaf green tea leaves ($4.49), ashwaghanda root ($14.20), tumeric (14.99), and ginger (14.98)

• Beef bone broth (25g protein) ($8.99), 2 eggs (12g protein), Blueprint olive oil ($37.50), 50g raw broccoli sprouts, 1 raw tomato, 1 raw avocaodo, chia seeds ($18.99)
• Smoothie with Nutribullet ($110), including parsley ($1.69) to increase NAD, cacao powder ($10.99), ceylon cinnamon ($6.11), pomegranate ($6.99), blueberries, arugla, 27g chia seeds ($18.99)
•  Chew slowly to absorb nutrients
• I eat other things too because I get sick of eating the same thing

MY LUNCH OPTIONS (Several times a week)
• 165g Salmon ($16.50) (40g protein), extra virgin olive oil ($24.10),  pomegranate ($6.99), blueberries ($5.99),  arugla, 27g sesame seeds ($9.99) for calcium, ($9.27), 1 cup kale, 50g micro broccoli 
• 200 Halibut, extra virgin olive oil ($37.50) or Blueprint Olive oil, 100g wild rice blend ($14.99), 1 cup carrots, 50g micro broccoli
•  Chew slowly to absorb nutrients
• I eat other things too because I get sick of eating the same thing

MY DINNER OPTIONS (Several times a week)

• 50g Beef liver ($4.99) (10g protein), Bone marrow ($7.99), 100g broccoli, 100g carrots, flax seeds ($3.86)
Bison meat with liver and heart ($14), balsamic vinegar, sauerkraut,  flax seeds ($3.86)
• Optional Choice of fruits: Red Grapes, Papaya, Blueberries, Blackberries, Raspberries, Fresh Orange Juice, Fresh Coconut water
•  Chew slowly to absorb nutrients
• I eat other things too because I get sick of eating the same thing


Waterpik ($22.99) all tooth gaps after each meal or if not at least floss using twin floss to prevent further tooth decay. If I have time I'll fully brush my teeth! 

• Use un-bleached toilet paper  when I can 

•  Use un-bleached paper towel when I can 


• Buy a backpack with a cooler compartment ($26.99), so you can meal prep and bring food for the day with ice.

Trick: put your face wash and face lotion in pump bottles right next to your hand soap on the bathroom counter to more likely take action and use it! 

Most importantly, do not forget to test what you are doing to see if it's actually working.  

Do your own research on which of these tests are are best suited for your health, personal, and professional goals. The options listed are just options that  have given me affiliate partnerships, it does not mean they are the best tests to start with or sped money on. To know what tests are best, attend our Telegram.  

Test your Pace Of Aging (Rejuvenation Olympics)
Discount:12% off the TruAge Pace automatically applied at checkout with this link. (entering the competition is motivating that would be why this is worth the money regardless of how much the science helps you personally)
Test your intracellular NAD
•  10% off at by typing in the code LIFESPAN10 at checkout with this link.  

Test 22 Basic Markers to Longevity
• 10% off at by typing in the code LIFESPAN10 at checkout with this link.
Intracellular NAD, Reactive oxygen metabolites (ROM), Total antioxidant capacity (TAC), Glycated serum proteins (GSP), Senescence-associated-β-galactosidase (SA-β-gal), Interleukin 1β, Interleukin 6, Interleukin 8, Tumor necrosis factor α, 8-hydroxy-2'-deoxyguanosine, Klotho and more. 

If you'd like to offer an affiliate partnership please DM me on telegram @itsJenvel directly with a link preferably or discount code. Use the code "Ageless Civilization", so I can also give back to the movement I'm helping with.  

Join the first truly non-divisive movement to prevent human extinction. From biohacking, to curing aging, to Mars!

My site will be completely revamped soon graphically, ideologically, and with my updated routine. For the latest updates, download Telegram on your Mac/Windows and phone; and join our group.